9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. You did it, Davit!

    I am proud of you for several reasons:

    1. You had the chutzpah to go for it. There you are, making it happen, in PARIS.
    2. You took the first step with your blog. And, of course, your first meal includes the boof and the shohcalloh. Sounds delicious.
    3. You are nurturing your dream and taking the risk that so few dare to take. Huzzah!

    Make it happen, my friend!

    Your fan,
    Susan Hendrich

  2. This time of your life is very wonderful, Dave. Good luck with the cooking school and with your furthering your love of creating recipes/teaching people how to cook. I look forward to your comments on this experience in Paris.

    Ginny (Susan’s Mom)

  3. Words cannot express how EXCITED I am for you. As I read your blog…no I stand corrected…you read your blog to me. I felt like you were right here with me. After all this time in Paris will your palette be too spoiled to share breakfast at the Hollywood Grille when/if you return?

  4. Felicitaciones David!!!!! Love reading your blog!!!! It makes me feel right at home as I read the blog and hear your voice with such excitment telling me of your experiences in living your dream!!!

    Keep them coming my dear!!!!

  5. Hi sweetie pie. I’m so proud of you. Everything looks scrumptious.keep up living your dream. It’ wonderful tobe in touch . Ialways thought the world of you my friend . Allmy love, Madeleine

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