Shopping for Cooking Equipment

Today I set out to do one of my favorite things – shop for cooking gadgets, equipment, supplies – stuff.  Although it was VERY cold here in Paris today, I was not going to let that deter me.  Admittedly, this shopping spree was tame in comparison to most in terms of the amount of “stuff” that I bought.  But, I’m here for a month and have plenty of time to fill another suitcase or two with cooking supplies that I can’t live without!

Financier - Almond Tart

I have watched the Chefs at Le Cordon Bleu use many items in the  kitchens.  Most of the equipment I’m very familiar with.  Some of the items they are using are new to me and I just had to have them!!  The school, being very helpful indeed, has a printed list of all the places in Paris they recommend such as libraries, dining, ice cream shops, patisseries, and… cooking utensils.  Thankfully, many of the places they recommend for cooking equipment are all near each other in the 1st arrondissement* near Les Halles – the center of Paris.

In the video blog below, I show you each of my exciting purchases.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging again with more purchases that I’ve made before I return to my own kitchen…

Enjoy!  Au Revoir!

* Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements which are neighborhoods basically defined by the postal codes.  You’ll hear people say, “I live in the 7th” or “that shop is located in the 15th.”

7 thoughts on “Shopping for Cooking Equipment

  1. Love it Dave! Can’t wait to taste all the delish desserts you’re learning to create. When are you planning on being in Rachacha? I’ll be there! Sooo happy for you! xoxoxo Jenn

  2. Fun stuff. I’ll have to look for a truffle loop. I couldn’t tolerate the attitude at Dehillerin. Be sure to visit A. Simon, too. And organ recitals at St. Eustache are incredible.

  3. So jealous! I had a similar culinary trip to Paris back in October and your blog has brought back a lot of memories for me. (My apartment was also in Le Marais.) I purchased some vanilla powder while I was there too, but just a small bottle – not the industrial sized drum that you scored! I’ve used it a few times now, sprinkled on a puff pastry apple tart, and added to the batter for a blackberry clafoutti. I recommend you also buy a big jar of pistachio cream while you’re there. It might just be the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

    Enjoy every moment!

  4. Dude – did you find a “henlay” while you were shopping for gadgets or do they only have those in Ronald McDonald House kitchens? I heard rave reviews about the blog and tracked it down through LinkedIn! I can’t tell you how great I think this all is. Who knows where all of this will take you, but that is part of the fun. We miss you here in the States, but are glad you are having this experience. Take care of yourself.

    • Hi Dan! Thanks for the note and for your support. I didn’t find any henlays in the gadget stores yet but I’ll keep looking 🙂
      It’s interesting when you go to the grocery stores here in France, they don’t refrigerate their eggs. They’re just out on a shelf and since Parisian refrigerators are so small, most people don’t keep them in the fridge. They have to use them quickly.
      I miss you guys. Tell everyone I say hello – or “bonjour”

  5. what’s a “henlay”…oh about two eggs a day!!!!!!

    heeeee heeeeeeee I am so excited to be “with” you, at least in the written word!! xoxoLLR

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