Inverted Puff Pastry

Whenever I hear the words “Puff Pastry” the first thing I hear in my head is YUUUUUUUUM!!

This week, I learned about inverted puff pastry. To be honest, I have never made my own puff pastry. I’ve always purchased the frozen package in the grocery store and wrapped up my brie or cocktail sausages, baked them off and called it a day. I’ve watched many a TV Chef make puff pastry by creating a dough, wrapping it around an obscene amount of butter, then roll it out, fold it in three, roll it out, etc. until there are more than 50 layers of butter sandwiched between the dough. When you bake it, the steam that releases from the butter makes the pastry rise into a light, flaky, heavenly wonder.

Inverted puff pastry has the butter layer on the outside of the dough. How is this done I hear you ask? By kneading flour into the cold butter, rolling it out and chilling it before enrobing the dough layer. The same process of rolling and folding ensues to create this dough, which produces the same flaky deliciousness. Why then would you invert it you ask? The inverted puff pastry is easier to work with. It doesn’t shrink as much when you’re working with it and isn’t as temperamental.

I was expecting, since this was a pastry course I was observing, that we would make sweet treats. But, I was pleasantly surprised. A delicious spread of 7 different savory treats were produced by our very talented Chef. This was fantastic for two reasons. One, everything was super delish! Two, I didn’t need to make dinner that night! YAY!

Here are the fabulous treats that were created.

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A bientôt mes amis!

3 thoughts on “Inverted Puff Pastry

  1. This dish would delight kings, queens, and heads of state in any land. It would be such a joy to see these delicacies served to a homeless family, just because ! Imagine the delight on there face and the gratitude for such a gift, just because. Wow! Such skill and patience. Such a gift.

  2. Every thing looks so wonderful. Are u changing careers when done with paris? I think what u are doing is wonderful. Best to u

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